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What were our Dreams by Dr Amjad Izmaan

Here is a summary and critical analysis of ‘What were our Dreams’ by Dr Amjad Izmaan, as requested by a visitor of PoemAnalysis.com.

As part of PoemAnalysis.com’s service, here is an analysis of a poem that was requested in one of our articles. Remember that we will happy analyze any poem that you send our way. Therefore, without further ado, here is an analysis of What were our Dreams by Dr Amjad Izmann. Please remember that this analysis is all down to interpretation. As long as there is evidence for it, it is a perfectly valid point.

What were our Dreams by Dr Amjad Izmaan


What were our Dreams Poem

What were our dreams, where I lost you
You’re with someone, we that we both shared

Who is she, oh yes how had we come here
The pressure at the time, was like mineral water

I know what he talked about his vision is clear
As the year emerges, the gardens were smelly

While growing up and is cut pumpkin walls
The heart of his blood , were the seeds of life

A bridge that morning, was impossible to see
These shapes were extinguished, also lost their colour

Cheese around the eyes, giving the distance to roads
Him and his partner, now to sleep with relish


What were our Dreams Analysis

Stanza 1

In this poem sown by Dr Amjad Izmaan, the speaker seems to be having a conversation or reminiscing about an old friend with whom he was once very close.  He begins the poem by asking a question to his old friend. He first reminds his old friend that at one point, they shared dreams. The first line of this poem essentially asks,  “What did they [the shared dreams] mean?”


Stanza 2

Beginning What were our Dreams in this way suggests that the speaker is challenging his old friend to think back to times the spent together dreaming of their future. Asking his friend what those dreams meant immediately gives the reader the sense of betrayal the speaker has. The speaker’s tone reveals that those shared dreams meant a great deal to him, but the tone in which he asks the questions suggest that his friend, to which he is directing his question, has not valued those dreams in the same way.

After asking the initial question, he goes on to say to his friend, “you’re with someone we both once shared”. This suggests that his friend is now with someone who was once a friend to them both,  and the speaker now feels on the outside looking in. He used to be very close to both of the subjects in this poem,  but now he feels betrayed.

He then states, “we used to come here,” suggesting that he has come to a place where they used to all gather in order to reminisce the friends he’s lost.  The place he is in while speaking to his old friend is clearly a place that brings back many fond memories.


Stanza 3

In the third stanza, the speaker reveals that springtime is a time that causes him to Remember his old friends.  As he walks through the garden,  it is in full bloom and fragrant as it was when they used to spend time together. This is revealed when he says that, “As the year emerges, the gardens were fragrant”. This reference to the aroma in the garden continues to strengthen the reminiscent tone of What were our Dreams, as the sense of smell can often bring back memories.


Stanza 4

In the fourth stanza, the speaker reveals just how dear to him his close friend was when he said that while they were growing up,  his friend’s heart and vision was full of life, bringing him vitality and joy through his friendship. This is revealed when he says, referring to his dear friend, that the “heart of his blood were the seeds of life”. This suggests that the speaker believes that his life had been made more valuable by his time spent with his close friend.


Stanza 5

In the fifth stanza, however,  there is a shift.  The mention of the  “bridge” suggests a change in life,  a crossing over to a new chapter in life. The melancholy tone reveals to the reader that the speaker views this crossing of the bridge with deep sadness, particularly because he sees his friends on the other side of the bridge.  They are so far away from him that he can barely distinguish them. He says that the shapes of his two friends that he saw across the bridge were “extinguished” and that they “lost their color”. This suggests that as his friends crossed the bridge, he remained behind. The imagery of his watching their figures fade away reveals how he felt about these two friends in his life.  It seems as if these two friends of his have entered into a romantic relationship with one another,  he is left on the other side of the bridge with nothing but memories of the times they had spent together.


Stanza 6

In the sixth and final stanza of What were our Dreams,  with his eyes all sleepy and probably tired from tears, the speaker goes down another road,  leaving behind him the two friends who once were everything to him.

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