Dwight Okita Poems

Dwight Holden Okita, a Japanese-American novelist, poet, and playwright, draws from his multicultural experiences and Nichiren Buddhist beliefs to create compelling literary works.

His writing explores both the magical and challenging aspects of life, offering diverse perspectives through poems, plays, and novels. Okita’s creativity is rooted in Chicago’s vibrant, multicultural environment.

In Response to Executive Order 9066

by Dwight Okita

‘In Response to Executive Order 9066’ by Dwight Okita presents a letter written by a fourteen-year-old Japanese-American girl during World War II. 

Dwight Okita often explores themes of cultural identity, historical events, and personal relationships. His writing provides nuanced portrayals of characters and situations that resonate with broader human experiences. In this poem, he brings a personal perspective to a historical event, offering an emotional and accessible entry point. This piece is widely regarded to be his best and most important.

Dear Sirs:

Of course I’ll come. I’ve packed my galoshes

and three packets of tomato seeds. Denise calls them

love apples. My father says where we’re going

they won’t grow


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