Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas Poems

Dylan Thomas was a Welsh writer who is to this day one of the most popular modern poets. His work is noted for its relatability as well as its original use of language. Read more about Dylan Thomas.

Some of Thomas’ most famous poems include Do not go gentle into that good night, Fern Hill, And Death Shall Have No Dominion, and Poem in October.

The Hand That Signed the Paper

by Dylan Thomas

‘The Hands that Signed the Paper’ is a war protest poem that derides the appalling apathy and ruthlessness of the rulers toward ordinary citizens.

This poem was written by Dylan Thomas when he was only 19, which shows how perceptive and sensitive he was toward what's happening around him. This commentary on the political scenario of that time is a true reflection of a genius that he later became.

Fern Hill

by Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas wrote his famous poem ‘Fern Hill’ as a way of looking back towards childhood and appreciating the pure joy that becomes so hard to find after.

Poem in October

by Dylan Thomas

‘Poem in October’ tells of a speaker’s journey out of autumn and up a hill to reclaim childhood joy, the summer season and his spirituality. 

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