Eavan Boland Poems

Eavan Boland was an Irish poet who taught at Stanford University. Her poetry focuses on Irish life and often takes a feminist perspective on various social issues. She won the Lannan Literary Award for Poetry. Her first book was published in 1967. It was followed by The War Horse, In Her Own Image, and Night Feed.

Amethyst Beads

by Eavan Boland

‘Amethyst Beads’ by Eavan Boland alludes to Greek mythology and the suffering of a child, Persephone, after she was separated from her mother, Demeter.

And Soul

by Eavan Boland

‘And Soul’ by Eavan Boland is a poem about death and a body’s dissolution into the elements that it is made up of. The poet emphasizes the connection between a human being made nearly entirely of water and a city that’s drenched by a particularly rainy summer season. 


by Eavan Boland

‘Anorexic’ by Eavan Boland conveys the mindset of a woman determined to destroy her physical body through starvation and filled with hatred for her sinful past, as according to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve.

Child of Our Time

by Eavan Boland

‘Child of Our Time’ by Eavan Boland was published in the poet’s 1975 collection The War Horse. This poem was


by Eavan Boland

‘Cityscape’ by Eavan Boland is a complex, allusion-filled poem that describes Dublin and the Blackrock Baths, and presents contrasting images of past and present. 

Is it Still the Same

by Eavan Boland

‘Is it Still the Same’ is a brilliant, affirming poem that explores memory and its relationship to a particular place and time.


by Eavan Boland

‘Love’ was published in Eavan Boland’s 1994 collection In a Time of Violence. It speaks on themes of love, regret, and memory. 

Outside History

by Eavan Boland

In ‘Outside History’ Boland takes the reader through the life and death of a star and how human experience, particularly that of


by Eavan Boland

Eavan Boland’s poem ‘Quarantine’ is a non-traditional love poem about a husband and wife who are forced to move north during the Great Irish Famine in 1847. RTÉ shortlisted 10 poems as Ireland’s favorite poems of the last century in 2015. Boland’s ‘Quarantine’ was one of them.

The Famine Road

by Eavan Boland

Within ‘The Famine Road’ Boland uses historical details to speak on the horrors of the Irish Potato Famine and present

The Pomegranate

by Eavan Boland

Within ‘The Pomegranate’ Boland uses the Greek myth of Persephone, Ceres, also known as Demeter, and Hades to speak on

The Shadow Doll

by Eavan Boland

‘The Shadow Doll’ by Eavan Boland describes the complexities of marriage from the perspective of contemporary and Victorian brides.  In

The War Horse

by Eavan Boland

‘The War Horse’ by Eavan Boland was published in 1975 and written by the poet after several experiences with a

This Moment

by Eavan Boland

In This Moment’ Boland captures the liminal existence of a neighbourhood as it waits for the stars to rise and


by Eavan Boland

‘Witness’ is a thoughtful contemplation on the nature of memory, identity and guilt in the context of Boland’s Dublin.

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