Edgar Guest

Edgar Guest

Edgar Guest was an English poet who spent much of his life in America. He’s often known as the “People’s Poet” due to his highly relatable, optimistic poems on everyday life. To this day, his work appears in periodicals and is loved by readers of all ages.  Read more about Edgar Guest.

A Child Of Mine

‘A Child Of Mine’ is told from the perspective of God. He is speaking to prospective parents, informing them of their duties to His child.

A Friend’s Greeting

Edgar Guest’s ‘A Friend’s Greeting’ is a heart-touching poem about a speaker’s gratitude for his dearest friend. This poem is written in the form of a greeting in verse.

Being Brave at Night

‘Being Brave at Night’ is written by the American poet Edgar Albert Guest and it was published in his poetry collection Rhymes of Childhood. The speaker of this piece talks about how he is not afraid of anything that comes across to terrify him at night.

Don’t Quit

‘Don’t Quit’ by Edgar Albert Guest is a simple poem about facing the difficulties in one’s life and persevering through them.


‘Equipment’ by Edgar Guest contains a speaker’s assertion that one has everything they need from birth to find success in life. 

Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

‘Have You Earned Your Tomorrow’ by Edgar Guest presents a number of probing questions to a reader about how they spend their days.

It Couldn’t Be Done

‘It Couldn’t Be Done’ by Edgar Albert Guest is a poem with an uplifting message about never giving up. The narrator of the poem encourages the reader not to be discouraged by the pessimism of others.

Only a Dad

‘Only a Dad’ by Edgar Albert Guest is dedicated to the poet’s father. The poem describes the man’s willingness to self-sacrifice and do whatever he can to make his children happy. 

See It Through

‘See It Through’ by Edgar Albert Guest is a motivational poem meant to inspire a reader to work through whatever problems they are facing. 

The Stick-Together Families

‘The Stick-Together Families’ by Edgar Guest describes the main reason that some families, rich or poor, are happier than others. 

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