Edgar Lee Masters

Edgar Lee Masters Poems

Edgar Lee Masters was an American poet who is best remembered for his Spoon River Anthology. This collection of poems is all based on the same premise. It provides readers with epitaphs, describing the lives and deeds of residents of a fictional town called Spoon River. He is also the author of essays, twenty-one collections of poetry, six novels, and several biographies. Read more about Edgar Lee Masters.

Anne Rutledge

by Edgar Lee Masters

‘Anne Rutledge’ by Edgar Lee Masters is an epitaph based on the life of someone who knew and loved Abraham Lincoln in her youth.

A great Masters poem but not one of the poet's best.

Out of me unworthy and unknown

The vibrations of deathless music;

“With malice toward none, with charity for all.”

Out of me the forgiveness of millions toward millions,

Fletcher McGee

by Edgar Lee Masters

‘Fletcher McGee’ by Edgar Lee Masters is a skilled example of confessional poetry. The poem is written as an epitaph for Mr. Fletcher McGee.

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The Hill

by Edgar Lee Masters

‘The Hill’ by Edgar Lee Masters describes the lives and deaths of some of the residents of Spoon River—the community that features in much of his verse.

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