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Edmund Spenser is the famous author of The Faerie Queene, one of the most important pieces of English poetry. It is highly allegorical and celebrates the Tudor dynasty. Spenser also wrote numerous famous sonnets and has a particular style of verse named after him. His style was deliberately antiquated, although he sought to write against the classical tradition, including poets such as Virgil and Ovid, rather than attempt to emulate them.

Amoretti LXVII: Like as a Huntsman

by Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser’s ‘Amoretti LXVII: Like as a Huntsman’ explores the pursuit of love and the unexpected rewards it brings.

This poem is a good representation of Edmund Spenser's poems. It showcases many elements commonly found in his works, such as intricate metaphors, thematic exploration of love and desire, rich imagery, and skillful employment of poetic techniques. The poem captures the essence of Spenser's style and themes, making it a representative example of his poetry.

Like as a huntsman after weary chase,

Seeing the game from him escap'd away,

Sits down to rest him in some shady place,

With panting hounds beguiled of their prey:

Sonnet 68

by Edmund Spenser

‘Sonnet 68’ is a segment of Amoretti, a true love calendar that picturizes Spenser’s courtship and eventual marriage to Elizabeth Boyle.

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