AQA AS English Literature B (7716) Poems Analysed

For those that are studying English Literature B (7716) at AS level on the AQA board of examiners, here is a list of the poems from their specification analyzed. This includes both a selection of poems from Thomas Hardy, John Keats, John Betjeman, Geoffrey Chaucer, as well as the Tragedy and Comedy list, found in the AQA English Literature B Poetry Anthology. Please feel free to skip to and read the analysis of the poem most relevant to you. If you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, please feel free to contact us.


AQA AS Level English Literature B (7716) Poems Analysed

Aspects of Tragedy

Thomas Hardy

Explore more Thomas Hardy poems.


John Keats

Read more poetry from John Keats.


Tragedy (from AQA English Literature B Poetry Anthology)


Aspects of Comedy

John Betjeman

Explore the best poems of John Betjeman.


Geoffrey Chaucer

  • The Nun’s Priest’s Tale (including Prologue and Epilogue) (still analyzing)

Read about The Canterbury Tales characters.


Comedy (from AQA English Literature B Poetry Anthology)

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