CBSE English Literature Class–IX and X (2020-21) is the number one website on the internet for poetry analysis, with the largest database of poems analyzed. For those that are studying English Language & Literature in Class-IX & X of CBSE board, here is a list of all poems from their syllabus analyzed. This includes 7 poems of “Beehive” (Class-IX) and 7 poems of “First Flight” (Class-X) from their reduced syllabus of 2020-21. Please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you and if you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, feel free to contact us.


CBSE English Literature Class–IX “Beehive”

  1. Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken
  2. Subramania Bharati (tr. A. K. Ramanujan) – Wind
  3. Coates Kinney – Rain on the Roof (still analyzing)
  4. Phoebe Carry – A Legend of the Northland
  5. James Kirkup – No Men Are Foreign
  6. Gieve Patel – On Killing a Tree
  7. W.W.E. Ross – The Snake Trying


CBSE English Literature Class–X “First Flight”

  1. Robert Frost – Dust of Snow
  2. Robert Frost – Fire and Ice
  3. Leslie Norris – A Tiger in the Zoo
  4. John Berryman – The Ball Poem
  5. Robin Klein – Amanda! (still analyzing)
  6. Walt Whitman – Animals
  7. Ogden Nash – The Tale of Custard the Dragon

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