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CBSE English Literature Class–XII Core and Elective Course Poems Analysed (2020-21)

PoemAnalysis.com is the number one website on the internet for poetry analysis, with the largest database of poems analyzed. For those that are studying English Language & Literature in Class-XII of CBSE board, here is a list of all poems from their core course and elective course poems analyzed. This includes 6 poems of “Flamingo” (Core) and 9 poems of “Kaleidoscope” (Elective) from their reduced syllabus of 2020-21. Please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you and if you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, feel free to contact us.


CBSE English Literature Class–XII “Flamingo”

  1. Kamala Das – My Mother at Sixty-Six
  2. Stephen Spender – An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
  3. Pablo Neruda – Keeping Quiet (still analyzing)
  4. John Keats – A Thing of Beauty
  5. Robert Frost – A Roadside Stand (still analyzing)
  6. Adrienne Rich – Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers


CBSE English Literature Class–XII “Kaleidoscope”

  1. John Donne – A Lecture Upon the Shadow
  2. John Milton – On Time
  3. John Milton – On Shakespear. 1630
  4. William Blake – The Divine Image (still analyzing)
  5. William Blake – The Human Abstract
  6. Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Kubla Khan
  7. Emily Dickinson –The Trees like Tassels — hit — and swung
  8. William Butler Yeats – The Wild Swans at Coole
  9. A.K. Ramanujan – Time and Time Again (still analyzing)

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