CCEA GCE English Literature ‘The Study of Poetry’ Full List Analysed

For those that are studying the CCEA GCE A level English Literature (5110), there is a list of poems for which the student must study in preparation of answering a question about any one of them, taken from the syllabus. This includes a list of poems written after 1800 from Hopkins: Selected Poems, Duffy: A Choice of Emily Dickinson’s Verse, Dickinson: Selected Poems, Lochhead: The Colour of Black and White, Heaney: Opened Ground, Montague: John Montague: New Selected Poems, Thomas (E): Selected Poems, Frost: Selected Poems, Yeats: Selected Poems, Kavanagh: Selected Poems, as well as poems written between 1300-1800 from Goldsmith: Selected Poems, and Donne: Selected Poems.

Since has the largest database of poetry analysis on the internet, you can find below every poem analyzed from the GCE AS and A level course (subject code: 5110). If it has not yet been analyzed, we are working very hard to get it analyzed as soon as possible. Please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you and if you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, feel free to contact us.


CCEA GCE English Literature (5110)

Prescribed Poems for Unit 2 Section A – The Study of Poetry Written after 1800

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Selected Poems

Explore more Gerard Manley Hopkins poems.


Emily Dickinson: A Choice of Emily Dickinson’s Verse

Read more poems of Emily Dickinson.


Carol Ann Duffy: Selected Poems

Explore more Carol Ann Duffy poetry.


Liz Lochhead: The Colour of Black and White

Read more poetry of Liz Lochhead.


Seamus Heaney: Opened Ground

Read more poems by Seamus Heaney.


John Montague: New Selected Poems

Read more poetry from John Montague.


Edward Thomas: Selected Poems

Explore more Edward Thomas poems.


Robert Frost: Selected Poems

Read more poetry from Robert Frost.


William Butler Yeats: Selected Poems

Read more of William Butler Yeats’ poems.


Patrick Kavanagh: Selected Poems

Read more Patrick Kavanagh poems.


Prescribed Poems for Unit 3 (A2 1) Section A – The Study of Poetry from 1300-1800

Oliver Goldsmith: Selected Poems

  • The Deserted Village

John Donne: Selected Poems

Read more poetry from John Donne.

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