Edexcel A Level (9ET0) English Literature Poems Analysed

For those that are studying English Literature at A level on the Pearson Edexcel board of examiners, here is a list of the required poems analysed. This includes all the selected poems, mentioned in Appendix 5 of the GCE Level 3 Advanced Subsidary in English Literature (9ET0). Please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you. If you want a poem to be analysed that you cannot find on the site too, please feel free to contact us.


Edexcel A Level (9ET0) English Literature Poems Analysed

Post-2000 Specified Poetry

  1. Eat Me Patience by Agbabi (still analysing)
  2. Chainsaw Versus the Pampas Grass by Simon Armitage (still analysing)
  3. Material by Ros Barber
  4. History by John Burnside (still analysing)
  5. An Easy Passage by Julia Copus
  6. The Deliverer by Tishani Doshi
  7. The Lammas Hireling by Ian Duhig
  8. To My Nine-Year-Old Self by Helen Dunmore
  9. A Minor Role by U.A. Fanthorpe
  10. The Gun by Vicki Feaver
  11. The Furthest Distances I’ve Travelled by Leontia Flynn
  12. Giuseppe by Roderick Ford
  13. Out of the Bag by Seamus Heaney (still analysing)
  14. Effects by Alan Jenkins
  15. Genetics by Sinéad Morrissey
  16. From the Journal of a Disappointed Man by Andrew Motion (still analysing)
  17. Look We Have Coming to Dover! by Daljit Nagra
  18. Please Hold by Ciaran O’Driscoll
  19. On Her Blindness by Adam Thorpe (still analysing)
  20. Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn by Tim Turnbull


Pre-1900 – The Medieval Period

  1. Noah’s Flood (Chester) Anon 33 by Amal Dunqul
  2. The Second Shepherds’ Pageant (Wakefield)
  3. The Crucifixion (York)
  4. Noah (Chester) Anon
  5. The Second Shepherds’ Play
  6. The Crucifixion
  7. The Wife of Bath’s Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer
  8. The Wife of Bath’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

Note for prescribed list of poems for medieval poetry:

  • Noah’s Flood/Noah is counted as the equivalent of seven poems
  • The Second Shepherds’ Pageant/Play is counted as the equivalent of seventeen poems
  • The Crucifixion is counted as the equivalent of six poems.
  • The Wife of Bath’s Prologue is counted as the equivalent of twenty poems
  • The Wife of Bath’s Tale is counted as the equivalent of ten poems


Pre-1900 – Metaphysical Poetry

  1. The Flea by John Donne
  2. The Good Morrow by John Donne
  3. Song (‘Go and catch a falling star’) by John Donne
  4. Woman’s Constancy by John Donne
  5. The Sun Rising by John Donne
  6. A Valediction of Weeping by John Donne
  7. A Nocturnal Upon St Lucy’s Day,Being the Shortest Day
  8. The Apparition by John Donne
  9. Elegy: To his Mistress Going to Bed by John Donne
  10. At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners by John Donne
  11. Death be not Proud by John Donne
  12. Batter My Heart by John Donne
  13. A Hymn to God the Father by John Donne
  14. Redemption by George Herbert
  15. The Collar by George Herbert
  16. The Pulley by George Herbert
  17. Love III by George Herbert
  18. To My Mistress Sitting by a River’s Side: An Eddy by Thomas Carew
  19. To a Lady that Desired I Would Love Her by Thomas Carew
  20. A Song (‘Ask me no more where Jove bestows’) by Thomas Carew
  21. A Letter to her Husband, Absent upon Public Engagement by Anne Bradstreet
  22. Song: To Lucasta, Going to the Wars by Richard Lovelace
  23. The Nymph Complaining for the Death of her Fawn by Andrew Marvell
  24. To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
  25. The Definition of Love by Andrew Marvell
  26. Unprofitableness by Henry Vaughan
  27. The World by Henry Vaughan
  28. To My Excellent Lucasia, on Our Friendship by Katherine Philips
  29. A Dialogue of Friendship Multiplied by Katherine Philips
  30. Orinda to Lucasia by Katherine Philips
  31. The Canonization by John Donne
  32. Song (‘Sweetest love I do not go’) by John Donne
  33. Air and Angels by John Donne
  34. The Anniversary by John Donne
  35. Twicknam Garden by John Donne
  36. Love’s Growth by John Donne
  37. Love’s Alchemy by John Donne
  38. A Valediction Forbidding Mourning by John Donne
  39. The Ecstasy by John Donne
  40. The Funeral by John Donne
  41. The Relic by John Donne
  42. Holy Sonnet I (‘Thou hast made me’) by John Donne
  43. Holy Sonnet V (‘I am a little world’) by John Donne
  44. Holy Sonnet VI (‘This is my play’s last scene’) by John Donne
  45. Holy Sonnet VII (‘At the round earth’s imagined corners’) by John Donne
  46. Holy Sonnet X (‘Death be not proud’) by John Donne
  47. Holy Sonnet XI (‘Spit in my face, you Jews’) by John Donne
  48. Holy Sonnet XIV (‘Batter my heart’) by John Donne
  49. Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward by John Donne
  50. Hymn to God my God, in My Sickness by John Donne
  51. A Hymn to God the Father by John Donne


Pre-1900 – The Romantic Period

  1. Holy Thursday by William Blake
  2. The Sick Rose by William Blake
  3. The Tyger by William Blake
  4. London by William Blake
  5. Lines Written in Early Spring by William Wordsworth
  6. Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth
  7. Ode: Intimations of Immortality by William Wordsworth (still analysing)
  8. Lines Inscribed upon a Cup Formed from a Skull by Lord Byron
  9. So We’ll Go no more A Roving by Lord Byron
  10. On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year by Lord Byron
  11. ‘The cold earth slept below’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  12. Stanzas Written in Dejection, near Naples by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  13. Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  14. The Question by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  15. Sonnet on the Sea by John Keats
  16. ‘O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell’ by John Keats
  17. On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer by John Keats
  18. On the Sea by John Keats
  19. ‘In drear-nighted December’ by John Keats
  20. On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again by John Keats
  21. ‘When I have fears that I may cease to be’ by John Keats
  22. To Sleep by John Keats
  23. Ode to Psyche by John Keats
  24. Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats
  25. Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats
  26. Ode on Melancholy by John Keats
  27. ‘Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art’ by John Keats
  28. To Autumn by John Keats
  29. The Eve of St Agnes by John Keats.


Pre-1900 – The Victorian Period

  1. From In Memoriam: VII ‘Dark house, by which once more I stand’ by Alfred Tennyson
  2. From In Memoriam: XCV ‘By night we linger’d on the lawn’ by Alfred Tennyson
  3. From Maud: I.xi ‘O let the solid ground’ by Alfred Tennyson
  4. From Maud: I.xviii ‘I have led her home, my love, my only friend’ by Alfred Tennyson
  5. From Maud: I.xxii ‘Come into the garden, Maud’ by Alfred Tennyson
  6. From Maud: II.iv ‘O that ’twere possible’ by Alfred Tennyson
  7. The Visionary by Emily Brontë
  8. Grief by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  9. From Sonnets from the Portuguese XXIV ‘Let the world’s sharpness, like a closing knife’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  10. The Best Thing in the World by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  11. ‘Died…’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  12. My Last Duchess by Robert Browning
  13. Home-Thoughts, from Abroad by Robert Browning
  14. Meeting at Night by Robert Browning
  15. Love in a Life by Robert Browning
  16. ‘The Autumn day its course has run–the Autumn evening falls’ by Charlotte Brontë
  17. ‘The house was still–the room was still’ by Charlotte Brontë
  18. ‘I now had only to retrace’ by Charlotte Brontë
  19. ‘The Nurse believed the sick man slept’ by Charlotte Brontë
  20. Stanzas – [‘Often rebuked, yet always back returning’] Charlotte Brontë (perhaps by Emily Brontë)
  21. Remember by Christina Rossetti
  22. Echo by Christina Rossetti
  23. May by Christina Rossetti
  24. A Birthday by Christina Rossetti
  25. Somewhere or Other by Christina Rossetti
  26. At an Inn by Thomas Hardy
  27. ‘I Look into My Glass’ by Thomas Hardy
  28. Drummer Hodge by Thomas Hardy
  29. A Wife in London by Thomas Hardy
  30. The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy
  31. Some ladies dress in muslin full and white by Christina Rossetti
  32. The World by Christina Rossetti
  33. An Apple-Gathering by Christina Rossetti
  34. Maude Clare by Christina Rossetti
  35. At Home by Christina Rossetti
  36. Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti
  37. Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti
  38. What Would I Give? by Christina Rossetti
  39. Twice by Christina Rossetti
  40. Memory by Christina Rossetti
  41. A Christmas Carol by Christina Rossetti
  42. Passing and Glassing by Christina Rossetti
  43. Piteous my rhyme is by Christina Rossetti
  44. ‘A Helpmeet for Him’ by Christina Rossetti
  45. As froth on the face of the deep by Christina Rossetti
  46. Our Mothers, lovely women pitiful by Christina Rossetti
  47. Babylon the Great by Christina Rossetti


Post-1900 – The Modernist Period

  1. The Runaway by Robert Frost
  2. Mending Wall by Robert Frost
  3. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
  4. Mowing by Robert Frost
  5. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
  6. Out, Out by Robert Frost
  7. The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams
  8. This is just to say by William Carlos Williams
  9. Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by William Carlos Williams
  10. The Hunters in the Snow by William Carlos Williams
  11. The Great Figure by William Carlos Williams
  12. Snake by D.H. Lawrence
  13. To a Snail by Marianne Moore
  14. What Are Years? by Marianne Moore
  15. La Figlia Che Piange by T S Eliot
  16. The Love Song of by J. Alfred Prufrock by T S Eliot
  17. Time does not bring relief; you all have lied… by Edna St Vincent Millay
  18. Recuerdo by Edna St Vicent Millay
  19. Wild Swans by Edna St Vicent Millay
  20. The Fawn by Edna St Vicent Millay
  21. in Just by E. E. Cummings
  22. what if a much of a which of a wind by E. E. Cummings
  23. pity this busy monster, manunkind by E. E. Cummings
  24. Stop all the Clocks by W. H. Auden
  25. Lullaby by W. H. Auden
  26. Musée des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden
  27. The Shield of Achilles by W. H. Auden
  28. Portrait of a Lady by W. H. Auden
  29. Preludes by T.S. Eliot
  30. Rhapsody on a Windy Night by W. H. Auden
  31. Gerontion by W. H. Auden
  32. Sweeney Erect by W. H. Auden
  33. Whispers of Immortality by T.S. Eliot
  34. The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot
  35. I. The Burial of the Dead by T.S. Eliot
  36. II. A Game of Chess by T.S. Eliot
  37. III. The Fire Sermon by T.S. Eliot
  38. IV. Death by Water by T.S. Eliot
  39. V. What the Thunder said by by T.S. Eliot
  40. The Hollow Men by by T.S. Eliot
  41. Ash-Wednesday by T.S. Eliot
  42. Ariel Poems: Journey of the Magi (1927) by T.S. Eliot


Post-1900 – The Movement

  1. Hospital for Defectives by Thomas Blackburn
  2. Felo De Se by Thomas Blackburn
  3. Horror Comic Robert Conquest by Thomas Blackburn
  4. Man and Woman by Thomas Blackburn
  5. Toads by Philip Larkin
  6. Coming by Philip Larkin
  7. At Grass by Philip Larkin
  8. Take One Home for the Kiddies by Philip Larkin
  9. Nothing to be Said by Philip Larkin
  10. The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin
  11. Apology for Understatement by John Wain
  12. Au Jardin des Plantes by John Wain
  13. A Song about Major Eatherly by John Wain
  14. Brooklyn Heights by John Wain
  15. Delay by Elizabeth Jennings
  16. Song at the Beginning of Autumn by Elizabeth Jennings
  17. Answers by Elizabeth Jennings
  18. The Young Ones by Elizabeth Jennings
  19. One Flesh by Elizabeth Jennings
  20. Photograph of Haymaker, 1890 by Molly Holden
  21. Giant Decorative Dahlias by Molly Holden
  22. Metamorphosis by Peter Porter
  23. London is full of chickens on electric spits by Peter Porter
  24. Your Attention Please by Peter Porter
  25. Warning by Jenny Joseph
  26. The Miner’s Helmet by George Macbeth
  27. The Wasps’ Nest by George Macbeth
  28. When I am Dead by George Macbeth
  29. Story of a Hotel Room by Rosemary Tonks
  30. Farewell to Kurdistan by Rosemary Tonks
  31. Lines On A Young Lady’s Photograph Album by Philip Larkin
  32. Wedding-Wind by Philip Larkin
  33. Places, Loved Ones by Philip Larkin
  34. Coming by Philip Larkin
  35. Reasons for Attendance by Philip Larkin
  36. Dry-Point by Philip Larkin
  37. Next, Please by Philip Larkin
  38. Going by Philip Larkin
  39. Wants by Philip Larkin
  40. Maiden Name by Philip Larkin
  41. Born Yesterday by Philip Larkin
  42. Whatever Happened? by Philip Larkin
  43. No Road by Philip Larkin
  44. Wires by Philip Larkin
  45. Church Going by Philip Larkin
  46. Age by Philip Larkin
  47. Myxomatosis by Philip Larkin
  48. Toads by Philip Larkin
  49. Poetry Of Departures by Philip Larkin
  50. Triple Time by Philip Larkin
  51. Spring by Philip Larkin
  52. Deceptions by Philip Larkin
  53. I Remember, I Remember by Philip Larkin
  54. Absences by Philip Larkin
  55. Latest Face by Philip Larkin
  56. If, My Darling by Philip Larkin
  57. Skin by Philip Larkin
  58. Arrivals, Departures by Philip Larkin
  59. At Grass by Philip Larkin

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