Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) English Literature Poems Analysed

Here at, we have the largest database of poetry analysis online and that is a fact! For those that are studying English Literature at the GCSE level on the Pearson Edexcel board of examiners, here is a list of the poems analyzed from their Poetry Anthology. This includes all the collections of poems from ‘Relationships’, ‘Conflict’ and ‘Time and Place’ and ‘Belonging’. Therefore, please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you. If you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, please feel free to contact us.


Pearson Edexcel GCSE Poetry Anthology


  1. John KeatsLa Belle Dame Sans Merci (1819) (Romantic)
  2. Joanna BaillieA Child to his Sick Grandfather (1790) (Romantic)
  3. Lord ByronShe Walks in Beauty (1814) (Romantic)
  4. William WordsworthA Complaint (1807) (Romantic)
  5. Thomas HardyNeutral Tones (1898) (Lit Heritage)
  6. Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Sonnet 43 (1850) (Lit Heritage)
  7. Robert BrowningMy Last Duchess (1842) (Lit Heritage)
  8. Wendy Cope1st Date – She and 1st Date – He (2011) (Contemporary)
  9. Carol Ann DuffyValentine (1993) (Contemporary)
  10. Elizabeth JenningsOne Flesh (1966) (Contemporary)
  11. John Cooper ClarkeI Wanna Be Yours (1983) (Contemporary)
  12. Jen HadfieldLove’s Dog (2008) (Contemporary)
  13. Vernon ScannellNettles (1980) (Contemporary)
  14. Simon ArmitageThe Manhunt (2008) (Contemporary)
  15. Ingrid de KokMy Father Would Not Show Us (1988) (Contemporary)



  1. William BlakeA Poison Tree (1794) (Romantic)
  2. Lord ByronThe Destruction of Sennacherib (1815) (Romantic)
  3. William WordsworthExtract from The Prelude (1850) (Romantic)
  4. Thomas HardyThe Man He Killed (1902) (Lit Heritage)
  5. Christina RossettiCousin Kate (1860) (Lit Heritage)
  6. Wilfred OwenExposure (1917) (Lit Heritage)
  7. Alfred, Lord TennysonThe Charge of the Light Brigade (1854) (Lit Heritage)
  8. John AgardHalf-caste (1996) (Contemporary)
  9. Gillian ClarkeCatrin (1978) (Contemporary)
  10. Carole SatyamurtiWar Photographer (1987) (Contemporary)
  11. Ciaran CarsonBelfast Confetti (1990) (Contemporary)
  12. Mary CaseyThe Class Game (1981) (Contemporary)
  13. Jane WeirPoppies (2005) (Contemporary)
  14. Benjamin ZephaniahNo Problem (1996) (Contemporary)
  15. Denise LevertovWhat Were They Like? (1967) (Contemporary)


Time and Place

  1. John KeatsTo Autumn (1820) (Romantic)
  2. William WordsworthComposed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 (1802) (Romantic)
  3. William BlakeLondon (1794) (Romantic)
  4. Emily DickinsonI started Early – Took my Dog (1862) (Lit Heritage)
  5. Thomas HardyWhere the Picnic was (1914) (Lit Heritage)
  6. Edward ThomasAdlestrop (1917) (Lit Heritage)
  7. Robert BrowningHome Thoughts from Abroad (1845) (Lit Heritage)
  8. U.A. FanthorpeFirst Flight (1988) (Contemporary)
  9. Fleur AdcockStewart Island (1971) (Contemporary)
  10. Moniza AlviPresents from my Aunts in Pakistan (2000) (Contemporary)
  11. Grace NicholsHurricane Hits England (1996) (Contemporary)
  12. Tatamkhulu AfrikaNothing’s Changed (1994) (Contemporary)
  13. Sophie HannahPostcard from a Travel Snob (1996) (Contemporary)
  14. John Davidson – In Romney Marsh (1920) (Contemporary)
  15. Elizabeth JenningsAbsence (1958) (Contemporary)



  1. William WordsworthTo My Sister (Romantic)
  2. John ClareSunday Dip (Romantic)
  3. Emily BrontëMild the Mist Upon the Hill (Romantic)
  4. Letitia Elizabeth Landon – Captain Cook (To My Brother) (Romantic) (still analyzing)
  5. Robert BridgesClear and Gentle Stream (Lit Heritage)
  6. Thomas HoodI Remember, I Remember (Lit Heritage)
  7. Grace NicholsIsland Man (Contemporary)
  8. Amy BlakemorePeckham Rye Lane (Contemporary)
  9. Benjamin ZephaniahWe Refugees (Contemporary)
  10. Zaffar KunialUs (Contemporary)
  11. Imtiaz DharkerIn Wales, wanting to be Italian (Contemporary)
  12. Kayo ChingonyiKumukanda (Contemporary)
  13. Raymond AntrobusJamaican British (Contemporary)
  14. Choman HardiMy Mother’s Kitchen (Contemporary)
  15. Carol RumensThe Émigrée (Contemporary)

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  • Hello, is the poem “To our daughter” by Jennifer Armitage analysed?


    • Lee-James Bovey says:

      Always glad to help.

  • Why no access to analysis number 4 in Belonging Letitia Landon?

    • Lee-James Bovey says:

      This is one that either hasn’t been analysed or we have taken it down to make amendments.

  • Complete analysis of relationship poetry

    • William Green says:

      Hi Nidhi,
      All of the poems in the above list have been analyzed and completed, with links to all of them above 🙂 Hope this helps!

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