Poetry Anthologies from Educational Syllabuses

UGC-CBCS English Literature Core Course (2018 onwards)

PoemAnalysis.com is the number one website on the internet for poetry analysis, with the largest database of poems analyzed. For those that are studying English Literature Honours in KU under UGC’s CBCS model, here is a list of all poems from their syllabus analyzed. This includes the Core Courses (CC) of Semester-II to Semester-VI. Please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you and if you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, feel free to contact us.


UGC-CBCS English Literature Core Course

Indian Writing in English (Sem-II)

  1. Kamala Das – Introduction
  2. Robin S. Ngangom – The Strange Affair of Robin S. Ngangom (still analyzing)
  3. Robin S. Ngangom – A Poem for Mother (still analyzing)
  4. Nissim Ezekiel – Enterprise
  5. Toru Dutt – Our Casurina Tree
  6. Arun Kolatkar – The Bus
  7. Jayanta Mahapatra – Dawn at Puri

British Poetry: 14th – 17th Centuries (Sem-II)

  1. Geoffrey Chaucer – Wife of Bath (still analyzing)
  2. Geoffrey Chaucer – The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
  3. Edmund Spenser – Sonnet LXXV. “One day I wrote her name…”
  4. Johne Donne – The Sunne Rising
  5. Johne Donne – Valediction Forbidding Mourning

American Literature (Sem-III)

  1. Anne Bradstreet – The Prologue
  2. Walt Whitman Passage to India lI. 1-68
  3. Adrienne Rich – Power
  4. Allen Ginsberg – An Eastern Ballad

British Literature: 18th Century (Sem-IV)

  1. Samuel Johnson- London (still analyzing)
  2. Thomas Gray –  Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

British Romantic Literature (Sem-IV)

  1. William Blake – The Lamb
  2. William Blake – The Chimney Sweeper
  3. William Blake – The Tyger
  4. William Blake – The Introduction to The Songs of Innocence
  5. Robert Burns – A Bard’s Epitaph
  6. Robert Burns – Scots Wha Hae
  7. Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Kubla Khan
  8. Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Dejection: An Ode
  9. John Keats – Ode to a Nightingale
  10. John Keats – Bright star
  11. John Keats – To Autumn
  12. Percy Bysshe Shelley – Ode to the West Wind
  13. William Wordsworth – Tintern Abbey
  14. George Gordon Byron – Canto IV Verses 178-86 Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage 1594-1674

British Literature: 19th Century (Sem-IV)

  1. Alfred Lord Tennyson – Ulysses
  2. Robert Browning – My Last Duchess
  3. Christina Rossetti – Goblin Market (1st Stanza) ll.1-31

Women’s Writing (Sem-V)

  1. Emily Dickinson – I Cannot Live With You
  2. Emily Dickinson – I’m ‘wife’ – I’ve finished that
  3. Sylvia Plath – Daddy
  4. Sylvia Plath – Lady Lazarus
  5. Maya Angelou – Caged Bird

British Literature: The Early 20th Century (Sem-V)

  1. William Butler Yeats – Byzantium
  2. William Butler Yeats – Sailing to Byzantium
  3. T.S. Eliot – The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
  4. T.S. Eliot – Preludes
  5. T.S. Eliot – The Hollow Men
  6. W.H. Auden – The Unknown Citizen

Postcolonial Literature (Sem-VI)

  1. Pablo Neruda – Tonight I Can Write
  2. Pablo Neruda – The Way Spain Was
  3. Derek Walcott – A Far Cry from Africa
  4. Derek Walcott – Names
  5. David Malouf – Revolving Days
  6. David Malouf – Wild Lemons (still analyzing)
  7. Mamang Dai – Small Towns and the River
  8. Mamang Dai – The Voice of the Mountain

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