Poetry Anthologies from Educational Syllabuses

UGC-CBCS English Literature DSE (2018 onwards)

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Here at PoemAnalysis.com, we have the largest database of poetry analysis online and that is a fact! For those that are studying English Literature Honours under UGC’s CBCS model, here is a list of the poems from Discipline-specific elective course (DSE) analyzed. This includes both higher level and ordinary level analysis from their syllabus. Therefore, please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you. If you want a poem to be analyzed that you cannot find on the site too, please feel free to contact us.

With any of the poems we have analyzed, if you have any questions relating to them at all, please feel free to comment on the poetry analysis, and one of our team of poetry experts will reply back swiftly.

UGC-CBCS English Literature DSE

Modern Indian Writing in English Translation (Sem-V)

  1. G.M. Muktibodh – The Void
  2. G.M. Muktibodh – So Very Far
  3. Amrita Pritam – I Say unto Waris Shah
  4. Thangjam Ibopishak Singh – Dali, Hussain, or Odour of Dream, Colour of Wind
  5. Thangjam Ibopishak Singh – The Land of the Half-Humans

British Literature: Post World War II (Sem-V)

  1. Philip Larkin – The Whitsun Weddings
  2. Philip Larkin – Church Going
  3. Ted Hughes – Hawk Roosting
  4. Ted Hughes – Crow’s Fall
  5. Seamus Heaney – Digging
  6. Seamus Heaney – Casualty
  7. Carol Ann Duffy – Text
  8. Carol Ann Duffy – Stealing

Partition Literature (Sem-VI)

  1. Faiz Ahmad Faiz – For Your Lanes, My Country
  2. Gulzar – Toba Tek Singh

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Sudip Das Gupta Poetry Expert
A complete expert on poetry, Sudip graduated with a first-class B.A. Honors Degree in English Literature. He has a passion for analyzing poetic works with a particular emphasis on literary devices and scansion.
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