WJEC GCSE English Literature Welsh Poems Analysed

PoemAnalysis.com is the number one website on the internet for poetry analysis, with the largest database of poems analysed online. For those that are studying GCSE English Literature with the WJEC examining body, the course contains a list of Welsh poems, taken from Poetry 1900-2000: One Hundred Poets from Wales, to analyse and compare how the poems present the theme of Wales and being Welsh. As well as these poems, there are other poems looking at the likes of Love, Relationships, The Treatment of Women and Control and Power. With this, here is an analysis of all of the poems on the WJEC GCSE English Literature syllabus (where the ones not analysed are still being analysed by our team of poetry experts). Please feel free to skip to the poem most relevant to you and if you want a poem to be analysed that you cannot find on the site too or you want to inform us of this list of poems for WJEC needs updating, feel free to contact us.


WJEC GCSE English Literature Welsh Poems Analysed

Welsh Poems

  1. The Old Tongue – Herbert Williams
  2. (from) Glyn Dwr Sonnets ‘When young Owain…’ – Andrew McNeillie
  3. Soliloquy For Compatriots – John Tripp
  4. Back? – T.H Jones
  5. Welsh History – R.S. Thomas
  6. Welsh Landscape – R.S. Thomas
  7. A Peasant – R.S. Thomas
  8. Drawing a Line – Gwyn Williams (still analysing)
  9. The Master – Bryn Griffiths (still analysing)
  10. Waterfalls – Vernon Watkins
  11. The Stone Face – Harri Webb (still analysing)
  12. Thanks in Winter – Harri Webb
  13. Synopsis of the Great Welsh Novel – Harri Webb
  14. Cwm Farm Near Capel Welsh Novel – Huw Menai
  15. The Old Language – John Davies (still analysing)



  1. A Married State – Katherine Philips
  2. A Woman To Her Lover – Christina Walsh
  3. Cousin Kate – Christina Rossetti
  4. Havisham – Carol Ann Duffy
  5. Holy Sonnet 17 – John Donne
  6. Human Interest – Carol Ann Duffy
  7. Meeting Point – Louis MacNeice
  8. The Willing Mistress – Aphra Behn
  9. Sonnet 130 – William Shakespeare
  10. The Capon Clerk – Sheenagh Pugh (still analysing)
  11. They Did Not Expect This – Vernon Scannell



  1. A Frosty Night – Robert Graves
  2. Crabbed Age and Youth – William Shakespeare (still analysing)
  3. Do not go gentle into that good night – Dylan Thomas
  4. Long Distance II – Tony Harrison
  5. On My First Son – Ben Jonson
  6. Prayer Before Birth – Louis MacNeice
  7. Song Of The Worker’s Wife – Alice Gray Jones
  8. Sweet 18 – Sheenagh Pugh (still analysing)
  9. The Almond Tree – Jon Stallworthy
  10. What Has Happened To Lulu? – Charles Causley


The Treatment of Women

  1. Porphyria’s Lover – Robert Browning
  2. The Sun Rising – John Donne
  3. Valentine – Carol Ann Duffy


Control and Power

  1. Base Details – Siegfried Sassoon
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