Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas ranks alongside Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen, Robert Graves, and Rupert Brooke as one of the best poets of the World Wars. Over the few years of his life, he composed more than 150 poems, many of which are read in schools and loved to this day. Read more about Edward Thomas.

Some of the most famous poems from Thomas include ‘The Owl‘, ‘The Dark Forest,’ ‘Haymaking,’ and the ‘The Sign-Post.’

Old Man

‘Old Man’ by Edward Thomas is a thoughtful piece about the loss of memory and a disconnect to one’s past. 

Tall Nettles

Edward Thomas’s ‘Tall Nettles’ asks readers to see as much beauty in the world as possible, even where one doesn’t expect to find it. 

The Sign-Post

‘The Sign-Post’ by Edward Thomas contains a discussion within a speaker’s mind about the progression of time and the nature of Heaven. 

The Sorrow of True Love By Edward Thomas

‘The Sorrow of True Love’ by Edward Thomas is a one-stanza work with a rhyme scheme that pairs successional lines and is one that uses fanciful language.

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