Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings was an English poet who won the Arts Council of Great Britain Prize for the best first book of poems for Poems in 1953. She was incredibly prolific and returned time and time again to themes of love, death, and religion. She is remembered today as a “traditionalist” known for her use of structure, meter, and rhyme. Read more about Elizabeth Jennings.


by Elizabeth Jennings

‘Admonition’ by Elizabeth Jennings describes how one should maintain control over their own life rather than designate their responsibilities to others. 


by Elizabeth Jennings

‘Answers’ by Elizabeth Jennings describes how one speaker compartmentalizes the big questions and answers in life in the back of her mind. 


by Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings herself considered ‘Fountain’ as one of her favorite poems. This piece is about the controlled energy of a fountain.

My Grandmother

by Elizabeth Jennings

‘My Grandmother’ by Elizabeth Jennings is a thoughtful poem about one person’s relationship with her grandmother and her grandmother’s passion—collecting antiques. 

Poem in Winter

by Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings’ ‘Poem in Winter’ discusses the beauty and perfection of the snow. It sends a message to the adults who are afraid of snow falling.

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