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Elizabeth Jennings was an English poet who won the Arts Council of Great Britain Prize for the best first book of poems for Poems in 1953. She was incredibly prolific and returned time and time again to themes of love, death, and religion. She is remembered today as a “traditionalist” known for her use of structure, meter, and rhyme. Read more about Elizabeth Jennings.

A Way of Looking

by Elizabeth Jennings

‘A Way of Looking’ by Elizabeth Jennings explores the peculiar but often unnoticed ways our perception is guided by more than what is objectively observed.

This poem by Elizabeth Jennings is a beautiful example of the poet's traditional style and sublime pensiveness. One that makes use of imagery and figurative language to ruminate over the curious ways that people perceive the world around them. It is a timeless and moving poem that highlights some of the best qualities of her poetry.

It is the association after all

We seek, we would retrace our thoughts to find

The thought of which this landscape is the image,

Then pay the thought and not the landscape homage.

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by Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings herself considered ‘Fountain’ as one of her favorite poems. This piece is about the controlled energy of a fountain.

Harvest and Consecration

by Elizabeth Jennings

After the heaped piles and the corn sheaves waiting

To be collected, gathered into barns,

After all fruits have burst their skins, the sating

Season cools and turns,

My Grandmother

by Elizabeth Jennings

‘My Grandmother’ by Elizabeth Jennings is a thoughtful poem about one person’s relationship with her grandmother and her grandmother’s passion—collecting antiques. 

Poem in Winter

by Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings’ ‘Poem in Winter’ discusses the beauty and perfection of the snow. It sends a message to the adults who are afraid of snow falling.

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