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Emily Brontë is a well-loved novelist and poet. She is remembered for the collection of poems she published along with her two sisters, Charlotte and Anne. Her best-known work is Wuthering Heights, a classic of English literature. Little is known about her personal life due to her reclusive nature.  Read more about Emily Brontë.

‘Yes, Holy Be Thy Resting Place’ Poem

by Emily Brontë

‘Yes, Holy Be Thy Resting Place’ is one of Emily Brontë’s poems that visits the softly sentimental side of her poetic talent.

The poem is characteristic of Emily Bronte's poetic style, with its melancholic yet romantic tone and its exploration of themes of love, loss, and the mysteries of life and death.

Yes, holy be thy resting place

Wherever thou may'st lie;

The sweetest winds breathe on thy face,

The softest of the sky.

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No Coward Soul Is Mine

by Emily Brontë

‘No Coward Soul Is Mine’ by Emily Brontë describes a speaker’s overwhelming passion for God and the strength she is able to draw from her faith. 

The Prisoner

by Emily Brontë

‘The Prisoner’ by Emily Brontë describes an interaction between the speaker, a prison warden, and a captive held within a dungeon crypt. 

The Visionary

by Emily Brontë

‘The Visionary’ by Emily Brontë describes the imminent arrival of an undefined, spirit-like presence to a house in the middle of winter. 

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