Erich Fried Poems

Erich Fried was an Austrian poet who also worked as a translator, novelist, and playwright. He is remembered for translating Shakespeare’s works into German. He moved to London in 1949. Today, his work is honored with a prize given in his name, the Erich Fried Prize.

The Measures Taken

by Erich Fried

‘The Measures Taken’ by Erich Fried is a powerful piece about war and loss. The reader is asked to consider their concepts of good, evil, and who deserves to live throughout the poem. 

This poem is a good example of Erich Fried's poetry, which often deals with themes of social and political injustice, war, and the struggle for peace. Fried was a prominent Austrian poet, and many of his works deal with the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust.

The lazy are slaughtered

the world grows industrious

The ugly are slaughtered

the world grows beautiful


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