Eugene Field Poems

Eugene Field was an American writer, best remembered for his children’s poetry. Today, he is often referred to as the “poet of childhood.” He also authored light-hearted and humorous articles in a gossip style and worked as editor of multiple publications. His first pieces of poetry were published in 1879. 

Little Boy Blue

by Eugene Field

‘Little Boy Blue’ by Eugene Field is a beautiful, heartbreaking poem that describes the aftermath of a child’s death. It focuses on the child’s toys and how, despite many years having gone by, they’re still waiting for him. 

This is a wonderful Eugene Field poem that ranks among his best poems. It was published in the 19th century and concerns a young child who passed away and his toys. Since it was published, the lines of the poem have been used in several musical compositions from a variety of artists.

The little toy dog is covered with dust,

But sturdy and staunch he stands;

The little toy soldier is red with rust,

And his musket molds in his hands.

Jest ‘Fore Christmas

by Eugene Field

‘Jest ‘Fore Christmas’ is a humorous, five-stanza poem that’s written from the perspective of a young boy looking forward to Christmas.

This is a lovely Eugene Field poem but not one of his best. It doesn't show off his poetic talents to the degree that his better-known poems do.

Father calls me William, sister calls me Will,

Mother calls me Willie, but the fellers call me Bill!

Mighty glad I ain't a girl - ruther be a boy,

Without them sashes, curls, an' things that's worn by Fauntleroy!

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

by Eugene Field

‘Wynken, Blynken, and Nod’ is a popular children’s song by Eugene Field, best known as the “poet of childhood.” This lullaby features three little kids who sailed for the stars on a wooden shoe as their boat.

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