Friedrich Schiller  Poems

Friedrich Schiller was a German philosopher and poet who also worked as a historian and physician. He’s best known for his plays and philosophical writings. He is considered by many Germans to be the country’s most important classical playwright. His poems include The Robbers, Don Carlos, and Intrigue and Love. Read more of Friedrich Schiller’s Biography.


by Friedrich Schiller 

‘Evening’ by Friedrich Schiller contains a speaker’s plea to Apollo that he allow the sun to set and rest, and love to descend.

Friedrich von Schiller's poetry is characterized by its emotive and evocative nature, capturing the essence of human experiences and emotions with depth and sensitivity, often exploring themes of love, passion, and the human spirit. This is one of his best, and most evokative poems. It demonstrates his interest in mythology and understanding of human existence.

Oh! thou bright-beaming god, the plains are thirsting,

Thirsting for freshening dew, and man is pining;

Wearily move on thy horses--

Let, then, thy chariot descend!