Gary Snyder Poems

Gary Snyder is an American writer who is best known for his poetry. But, he has also worked as an educator, translator, travel writer, and essayist. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the American Book Award. He’s also known for his work as an environmental activist.

Hay for the Horses

by Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder’s ‘Hay for the Horses’ records the activities such as bringing hay to the barn, storing them in order, and having lunch. This piece appears in Riprap & Cold Mountain Poems (1959).

How Poetry Comes to Me

by Gary Snyder

‘How Poetry Comes to Me’ by Gary Snyder is a thoughtful poem about receiving inspiration. The poet uses symbolism and other literary devices to depict poetic inspiration as an animal moving through the woods of his mind.

Milton by Firelight

by Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder’s ‘Milton by Firelight’ is based on Satan’s comment in Paradise Lost and how it is relevant in the present time given the condition of the environment and humankind.


by Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder’s ‘Riprap’ describes how the oddly beautiful order of nature is “a riprap of things,” set in order from time immemorial. This piece taps on the themes of metaphysics, nature, and language.

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