George Eliot

George Eliot was the pen name of Mary Ann Evans. She was an English novelist and translator who is considered one of the Victorian era leaders. Throughout her life, she wrote seven novels, including Middlemarch, Daniel Deronda, and The Mill and the Floss. Her books are well-regarded for realism and insight. Read more of George Eliot’s Biography.

Count that Day Lost

‘Count That Day Lost’ by George Eliot describes what one must do to count their days well spent with goodness and kindness.

I Am Lonely

‘I Am Lonely’ by George Eliot tells of a speaker’s dismay over the departure of a beloved younger sister that has left her “lame” and “lonely.”

In a London Drawing Room

‘In a London Drawing Room’ describes the state of the city of London in the late 1850’s as smog and pollution filled the streets.

The Choir Invisible

‘The Choir Invisible’ by George Eliot describes the hopes a speaker has for the afterlife and the impact her memory might have on those still living. 

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