George Herbert

George Herbert

George Herbert was a Welsh poet who also worked as an orator and priest. His poetry is often associated with the metaphysical movement and was considered skilled during his lifetime. He gave up his secular ambitions when he took holy orders in the Church of England. Read more about George Herbert.

Love (III)

‘Love (III)’ is part of The Church, the central section of George Herbert’s ‘The Temple’. The Church collects devotional lyrics.


‘Redemption’ by George Herbert speaks on one man’s long journey to find God amongst the secular, and therefore the ability to start a new life.

The Collar

‘The Collar’ by George Herbert describes a speaker’s desire to escape from his religious life and turn to one of greater freedom. 

The Flower

‘The Flower’ by George Herbert describes how the changing of the seasons impacts a speaker’s outlook on life and his relationship with God. 

The Pulley

‘The Pulley’ by George Herbert speaks on one part of the Christian creation story in which God chose to imbue humanity with blessings.


‘Virtue’ is one of George Herbert’s spiritual poems stressing the need of keeping a virtuous soul. Herbert creates a contrast between earthly things and a virtuous soul to make his point.

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