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George Santayana was a poet, novelist, and philosopher who is also remembered for his novels, aphorisms, and cultural criticisms. His most important works include The Life of Reason and Skepticism and Animal Faith. Some of his poems are ‘There May be Chaos Still Around the World’ and ‘The Poet’s Testament.’ Read more of George Santayana’s Biography.

There May Be Chaos Still Around The World

by George Santayana

‘There May Be Chaos Still Around The World’ by George Santayana describes a speaker who has escaped the world at large and is only existing within his own mind.

This poem is widely regarded as a good example of Santayana's poetry. George Santayana was a renowned philosopher, essayist, and poet, known for his profound insights into human nature and the human condition. The poem reflects Santayana's contemplation on the state of the world and the persistence of chaos despite our aspirations for peace and harmony. It explores themes of uncertainty and human experience.

There may be chaos still around the world,

This little world that in my thinking lies;

For mine own bosom is the paradise

Where all my life’s fair visions are unfurled.

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