Giusue Carducci Poems

Giusue Carducci was an Italian poet born in Valdicastello and also worked as a teacher, and critic. Today, he is regarded as the official poet of modern Italy and was the first Italian to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.


by Giusue Carducci

‘Virgil’ by Giusue Carducci uses nature imagery to evoke historical and mythical themes and events.

Giusue Carducci was an Italian poet, writer, and teacher who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1906. He was one of the most prominent poets of the late 19th century in Italy, and his poetry is characterized by its lyricism, classicism, and patriotic themes. This is one of his best poems and demonstrates his typical style and appreciation of form.

As when above the heated fields the moon

Hovers to spread its veil of summer frost,

The brook between its narrow banks half lost

Glitters in pale light, murmuring its low tune;

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