Gregory Orr Poems

Gregory Orr was born in 1947 and is the author of more than ten poetry collections. He’s also published volumes of essays and a memoir. His poetry has been translated into at least ten languages and is noted for its short lyrical style. He finds the transformative power of poetry to be a therapeutic means of expression.

Love Poem

by Gregory Orr

‘Love Poem’ by Gregory Orr is a short poem about a speaker’s imaginative telling of asking for someone’s phone number.

'Love Poem' by Gregory Orr is a good example of the author's ability to create resoundingly memorable scenes to punctuate his poem's themes and emotions. The brilliance of the poem lies mainly in its short simplicity: an unknown speaker relates a few fantastic scenes that end in an ironic twist. But hidden underneath the stunning images is an ironic visualization of how suddenly love can strike a person — and the idiosyncratic ways that emotion can unfold in our imagination.

A black biplane crashes through the window 

of the luncheonette. The pilot climbs down, 

removing his leather hood. 

He hands me my grandmother's jade ring. 

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