Gregory Pardlo Poems

Gregory Pardlo, born in Philadelphia in 1968, is a prominent American poet, writer, and professor. Notably, his collection “Digest” earned him the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 2015. His impactful work weaves urban and elevated language, capturing specific life moments with universal resonance.

Pardlo’s range extends beyond poetry, including essays and translations. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and a Poetry Editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review. Pardlo teaches in the MFA program at Rutgers University and resides in Brooklyn.

Double Dutch

by Gregory Pardlo

‘Double Dutch’ by Gregory Pardlo captures the vibrant energy and skillful artistry of girls playing the game with vivid imagery and rhythmic language.

This poem can be considered a good representation of Gregory Pardlo's poems to a certain extent. The poem showcases Pardlo's talent for imagery, rhythmic language, and exploring themes of movement, artistry, and cultural heritage. However, it's important to note that Pardlo's body of work is diverse and to assess his poems as a whole fully, one would need to explore a wider selection of his writings to capture the breadth and depth of his poetic style and thematic range.

The girls turning double-dutch

bob & weave like boxers pulling

punches, shadowing each other,

sparring across the slack cord

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