Gwen Harwood

Gwen Harwood was an Australian poet who died in 1995. She is regarded as one of Australia’s best writers, publishing more than 420 works during her lifetime. This includes more than 350 poems. Today, Australia’s prestigious Gwen Hardwood Poetry Prize is named for her. 

Barn Owl

‘Barn Owl’ by Gwen Harwood is a powerful poem about losing one’s innocence. While using symbolism, the poet depicts a child sneaking off to shoot a barn owl.

Barn owl by gwen harwood

In The Park

‘In The Park’ by Gwen Harwood is a moving poem about how difficult motherhood can truly be. It describes a mother’s distress over her lost life.

In the park by gwen harwood

Suburban Sonnet

‘Suburban Sonnet’ by Gwen Harwood is a powerful poem about a woman’s struggles with motherhood. It explores the mundane elements of her life and her lost dreams.


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