Gwyneth Lewis Poems

Gwyneth Lewis is a Welsh poet. She served as the inaugural National Poet of Wales in 2005. She’s written two memoirs as well as books of poetry. Her most recent book was published in 2011, titled Sparrow Tree. She is remembered for writing the words on the front of the Wales Millennium Centre. 

Fooled Me for Years with the Wrong Pronouns

by Gwyneth Lewis

‘Fooled Me for Years with the Wrong Pronouns’ by Gwyneth Lewis explores an abusive relationship, with Lewis writing an anti-love poem.

This poem is regarded as one of Gwyneth Lewis' best poems. The piece is interesting, surprising, and incredibly powerful. It is also a good example of the poet's interest in socially relevant, contemporary topics.

You made me cry in cruel stations,

So I missed many trains. You married others

In plausible buildings. The subsequent son

Became my boss. You promised me nothing