Ha Jin Poems

Ha Jin is a Chinese-American poet and novelist. He is associated with the Misty Poetry movement. He won the National Book Award for Fiction and three Pushcart Prizes for fiction. Some of his books are Under the Red Flag, Ocean of Words, and War Trash. 

All You Have is a Country

by Ha Jin

“All You Have is A Country” by Ha Jin explores patriotism and how it can be negatively ingrained into someone’s personality.

Ha Jini is a contemporary Chinese poet whose poetry is characterized by its introspective and reflective nature. His works often explore themes of identity, journey, and culture, seeking to understand the complexities of the human experience. Such is demonstrated in his impressive 'All You Have is A Country' which considers the power of patriotism and how inescapable it can be for some people.

You are so poor that all you have is a country.

Whenever you open your mouth

you talk about the country

to which you can no longer return.

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