Hannah Dains Poems

Hannah Dains is a contemporary poet about whom little is known. She is commonly cited for the poem, ‘Don’t Kill Yourself Today.’ It has gained a great deal of popularity on the internet and has circulated through several publications.

Don’t kill yourself today

by Hannah Dains

‘Don’t kill yourself today’ by Hannah Dains is a thoughtful and powerful poem about suicide. The poet explores all the reasons someone has to stay alive and expresses her love for those struggling with depression.

Hannah Dains is not a well-known poet; this poem is her only known work. But this piece is commonly read online by young readers suffering from depression. It's proven to be quite influential on this demographic.

Don’t kill yourself today

Because your Netflix free trial still has a week left.

Don’t kill yourself today

because no one else will finish off the chicken in the fridge.

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