Hannah More Poems

Hannah More (1745–1833) was an English religious writer, philanthropist, poet, and playwright. She was born in Bristol and engaged with London’s literary elite, including Samuel Johnson and Edmund Burke. More transitioned from writing plays to focusing on moral and religious subjects.

More advocated for education for the poor, wrote tracts to combat revolutionary ideas, and actively opposed slavery. Her works and philanthropy left a lasting impact on 18th-century England, particularly in the fields of education and social reform.


by Hannah More

‘Slavery’ by Hannah More is a pro-abolitionist poem. It attempts to inspire Britain at the peak of slave trade to condemn the very act. The poem makes a case for the abolition of slavery by exposing Britain’s immorality and appealing to the public’s humanity.

This is one of Hannah More's more popular poems among her works as a playwright, poet, religious teacher, and educator. It remains significant for its sensitive topic, which is still discussed in many circles today.

Let Malice strip them of each other plea,

They still are men, and men should still be free.

Insulted Reason loathes the inverted trade —

Loathes, as she views the human purchase made;

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