Hattori Ransetsu Poems

Hattori Ransetsu was a Japanese haiku poet active during the Edo period. Known for his skill in capturing the essence of nature, his haiku reflected a deep appreciation for the changing seasons and the beauty of the natural world.

Ransetsu’s poems often contained elements of humor and wit, adding a unique touch to his poetic expressions.

The childless woman

by Hattori Ransetsu

‘The childless woman’ by Hattori Ransetsu is a beautifully emotional poem about a childless woman longing to have real children.

Hattori Ransetsu was a prominent poet of the Edo period in Japan, known for his haiku poetry. His works, including 'The childless woman,' demonstrate his ability to evoke empathy and explore complex themes through concise and evocative verses. Ransetsu's poetry often captured the delicate nuances of human emotions and offered glimpses into the human experience. The childless woman' should be considered among his best poems.

The childless woman,

How tender she is

To the dolls!

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