Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau Poems

Henry David Thoreau is one of the most important writers of the transcendentalist movement. He wrote essays, poems, and philosophical works. His best-known work is Walden. His works are known for their close observations of nature, symbolism, and history. He published Poems of Nature in 1895. Read more about Henry David Thoreau.

I Was Made Erect and Lone

by Henry David Thoreau

‘I Was Made Erect and Lone’ by Henry David Thoreau is a poem about trusting in your own individual autonomy.

This is probably not the most well-known poem by Henry David Thoreau, but it is a powerfully succinct one about some of Transcendentalism's core tenets. It is about trusting oneself in the face of opposition and finding merit in who you are, even when other people aren't able to.

I was made erect and lone,

And within me is the bone;

Still my vision will be clear,

Still my life will not be drear,

The Inward Morning

by Henry David Thoreau

‘The Inward Morning’ by Henry David Thoreau is a complex poem that taps into many of the traditional beliefs of the transcendental poets.

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