Henry Newbolt Poems

Henry Newbolt (1862-1938) was an English poet, novelist, and historian known for patriotic and nautical verse. His poem “Vitaï Lampada” and “Drake’s Drum” are famous. Educated at Oxford, he initially practiced law but later focused on literature. Knighted in 1915, his works celebrated England’s spirit and history during his time.

Vitaï Lampada

by Henry Newbolt

‘Vitaï Lampada’ contrasts cricket’s intensity with war’s chaos, urging courage and unity. Legacy of values endures.

This is a good representation of Henry Newbolt's poems as it embodies many of the themes and styles often found in his works. It highlights concepts of duty, honor, and courage in the face of adversity, which are recurring themes in Newbolt's poetry. The poem's use of vivid imagery, structured form, and powerful language is characteristic of his writing style. Additionally, the contrast between sportsmanship and warfare, along with the emphasis on passing down values, aligns with the broader themes seen in many of his other works.

There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night --

Ten to make and the match to win --

A bumping pitch and a blinding light,

An hour to play and the last man in.


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