Henry van Dyke

Henry van Dyke was an American author. He worked as a diplomat and educator. He was a professor of English literature for many years at Princeton. Most of his popularity stems from the publication of Christmas stories, such as “The First Christmas Tree.” He explored the same religious themes in his poetry and hymns. 

America For Me

by Henry van Dyke

‘America For Me’ by Henry Van Dyke is a passionate, patriotic poem about America. It celebrates how different the United States is from Europe. 

This Henry Van Dyke poem is a good, but not great, example of his poetry. It conveys what seems to be his personal opinion but is not incredibly unique in the way that it is written.

Christ of Everywhere

by Henry van Dyke

‘Christ of Everywhere’ by Henry Van Dyke is a poem about the presence of Christ in all living things. Throughout this piece, Van Dyke uses simple and relatable language that allows all readers to connect with his words.

Time Is

by Henry van Dyke

‘Time Is’ is one of the best Henry van Dyke poems, published in 1904. This poem goes beyond the scientific definition of time and explores the subjectivity of time.

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