Henry Vaughan

Henry Vaughan was a Welsh poet and physician. He is best remembered for his religious poetry, such as Silex Scintillans, published in 1650. But, there are volumes of secular verse to his name. He also spent time during his career translating religious works. George Herbert was a huge influence on his writing.  Read more about Henry Vaughan.

The Retreat

‘The Retreat’ is one of Henry Vaughan’s best-known metaphysical poems. This poem explores how the poet is derailed from purity as a grown-up man and his longing for returning to the blissful state of everlastingness.

The World

‘The World’ by Henry Vaughan speaks on the ways men and women risk their place in eternity by valuing earthly pleasures over God. 


‘Unprofitableness’ by Henry Vaughan is an extended conceit presenting  a speaker’s unsuccessful efforts to thank God for his fresh and rejuvenating visits.