Herman Melville Poems

Herman Melville is the famed author of Moby Dick and a few select poems. Depending on the piece of writing, Melville’s style changes significantly. There are moments where his work is filled with allusions and others in which it’s quite direct and relatable. His poetry wasn’t published till the 1860s with Battle-Pieces.

In the Prison Pen

by Herman Melville

‘In the Prison Pen’ by Herman Melville describes the life of a prisoner who is unable to recall his past life and is haunted by his present and future.


by Herman Melville

‘Misgivings’ by Herman Melville describes the state of America right before the beginning of the Civil War and the fear that many felt for the future. 

The Maldive Shark

by Herman Melville

‘The Maldive Shark’ is a poem that describes the relationship between sharks and the pilot-fish that swim along beside them.

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