Hilaire Belloc Poems

Hilaire Belloc was a British-French poet and historian. He was incredibly prolific during his lifetime, writing satire, letters, and even working as a political activist. Some of his best-known works include those focusing on Sussex, like The County of Sussex, published in 1936. Some of his other work was comic in nature and directed at young readers. Read more of Hilaire Belloc’s Biography.


by Hilaire Belloc

‘Fatigue’ uses humor in order to subvert the readers’ expectations of a poet and their ambitions by seeming to value money over love and art.

The poem's use of satire is typical of Belloc, although other examples of his poetry are more typical of his style and views. Readers familiar with his verse are likely to enjoy this piece and feel that it does, in many ways, represent what his poetry is known for.

I'm tired of Love: I'm still more tired of Rhyme.

But Money gives me pleasure all the time.

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