Hilda Doolittle

Hilda Doolittle was one of the leading members of the Imagist movement. Her work is packed full of beautiful, memorable images that convey her meaning clearly and movingly. Although the movement was short-lived, her work certainly is not. Read more about Hilda Doolittle.


by Hilda Doolittle

‘Helen’ by H.D. tells of the complete and total hatred that the Greek people feel for Helen of Troy after she causes the Trojan war.

Sheltered Garden

by Hilda Doolittle

‘Sheltered Garden’ by H.D. describes the sheltered life led by the speaker and how she is looking for a world which is more “wind-tortured” and real. 

The Garden 

by Hilda Doolittle

‘The Garden’ by H.D. is a thoughtful poem about oppression. The speaker uses natural imagery in order to depict oppression during her lifetime. 

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