Hone Tuwhare Poems

Hone Tuwhare was a New Zealand poet noted for his thoughtful poetry. His best-known work is No Ordinary Sun. It was also his first. It helped to establish his repetition and was reprinted numerous times throughout his life and since. His collections include Short Back and Sideways: Poems & Prose and Shape-Shifter. 


by Hone Tuwhare

‘Monologue’ by Hone Tuwhare is a contemporary poem about the difficulties workers face when looking for a job and how temporary those jobs can be. 

This is a very powerful poem written by Hone Tuwhare. It's thought to have been inspired by his, and others', personal experiences working in factories under very poor conditions. It uses a colloquial style that helps the speaker feel very relatable and interesting to the reader.

I like working near a door. I like to have my work-bench 

          close by, with a locker handy.

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