Imtiaz Dharker Poems

Imtiaz Dharker is a British poet and filmmaker. She also works as an artist. She has thus far written seven books of poetry, the most recent in 2018, Luck is the Hook. Each of these is self-illustrated. Her work is often featured on the GCSE English syllabus. Her poems often engage with themes of freedom, cultural displacement, and gender.


by Imtiaz Dharker

‘Blessing’ by Imtiaz Dharker is about the importance of water in people’s lives. It uses imagery to depict how cricital this element is to survival.

Honour Killing

by Imtiaz Dharker

‘Honour Killing’ by Imtiaz Dharker is a poem about the fight for freedom.The freedom of being able to express oneself.

Living Space

by Imtiaz Dharker

‘Living Space’ is a poem penned by Imtiaz Dharker that expresses physical poverty in the form of a poorly constructed


by Imtiaz Dharker

The poem ‘Tissue’ by Imtiaz Dharker reveals the power of a paper, and how one can use it for many

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