Ishion Hutchinson Poems

Ishion Hutchinson, born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, is a distinguished poet and professor, honored with awards like the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry and a Guggenheim Fellowship. His acclaimed collections include “Far District” (2010) and “House of Lords and Commons” (2016). Currently, he nurtures aspiring writers as a faculty member at Cornell University’s graduate writing program.

The Mariner’s Progress

by Ishion Hutchinson

In ‘The Mariner’s Progress,’ amidst shifting landscapes, souls lift and fall, echoing life’s transient beauty, ancestry’s embrace, and enduring legacy.

This poem can be considered a good representation of Ishion Hutchinson's poetry. The poem showcases his distinctive style characterized by vivid imagery, intricate metaphors, and contemplative themes. It delves into personal experiences, historical legacies, and the interplay between memory and identity, which are recurring themes in Hutchinson's work. The poem's reflective and introspective tone aligns with his broader body of poetry, making it a suitable example of his artistic approach and thematic focus.

“With never a whisper on the main,” so the snow falls,

glaring through the festschrift of acacia leaves

at sunrise and seeping a dye of immortelle

on mild fleece, shrinking back eternity

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