James Joyce

James Joyce Poems

James Joyce was an incredibly important Irish writer. He completed short stories, novels, and poetry throughout his life. He also worked as a literary critic and teacher. His best-known work is Ulysses. Other well-known novels are Finnegans Wake and A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. Read more about James Joyce.

Ecce Puer

by James Joyce

‘Ecce Puer’ was published in 1932 and it is featured in Collected Poems. Joyce wrote this poem in order to mourn the recent death of his father, John Stanislaus Joyce.


by James Joyce

‘Flood’ by James Joyce is a three-stanza poem that was written in 1915 and is separated into sets of four

I Hear An Army

by James Joyce

‘I Hear An Army’ by James Joyce is a lyrical poem that expresses the lamentation of lost love.

On the Beach at Fontana

by James Joyce

‘On the Beach at Fontana’ by James Joyce is a poem about paternal love and protectiveness. Read the poem with, a summary and complete analysis.

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