Jane Miller Poems

Jane Miller, an accomplished poet, lecturer, and professor, has engaged audiences for over three decades with her creative work and poetry. A Guggenheim Fellow and Wallace Award recipient, she’s known for blending high and low diction in her introspective poems. Miller’s explorations of consciousness bridge the structural and intimate, creating an evocative, poetic landscape.

Miami Heart

by Jane Miller

‘Miami Heart’ delves into life’s complexities, juxtaposing superficiality with profound desires, a contemplative journey through existence’s intricacies.

This poem offers a glimpse into Jane Miller's poetic style and themes. It showcases her use of vivid imagery, powerful metaphors, and a mix of introspection and contemplation. The poem delves into the complexities of human emotions and experiences, which are recurring themes in Miller's work.

In a long text, on live tv, in an amphitheater, in the soil,

after the post-moderns, after it is still proven

you can get a smile out of a pretty girl,

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