Jericho Brown Poems

Jericho Brown is a contemporary poet who works as the director of the Creative Writing Program at Emory University. He won the Whiting Writers’ Award and several fellowships. His first book was Please, and his second was The New Testament. His next collection won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.


by Jericho Brown

‘Duplex’ by Jericho Brown explores physical and mental abuse, looking at how memory can impact a person.

This is a fantastic Jericho Brown poem. It is about the power of memory and how it shapes our sense of home and self. The speaker explores the dark demands of memory, which can be more intense than their struggles and desires.

A poem is a gesture toward home.

It makes dark demands I call my own.

Memory makes demands darker than my own:

My last love drove a burgundy car.

Dear Dr. Frankenstein

by Jericho Brown

‘Dear Dr. Frankenstein’ is a warning against the dangers of scientific and intellectual arrogance told as a letter to the fictional doctor.

The poem 'Dear Dr. Frankenstein' is written in free verse like many of Jericho Brown's other poems. He is a writer that engages with a broad set of themes and issues, including race, memory, and power. This poem is more preoccupied with issues of science and individualism.

I, too, know the science of building men

Out of fragments in little light

Where I'll be damned if lightning don't

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