John Agard Poems

John Agard is a British playwright with Afro-Guyanese playwright. He was chosen for the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2012. His collections include Shoot Me With Flowers, Mangoes and Bullets: Selected and New Poems 1972–84, No Hickory, No Dickory, No Dock, and A Stone’s Throw from Embankment: The South Bank Collection.


by John Agard

For John Agard, the national flag is an especially vague symbol. His poem, ‘Flag’, is an indication of the great


by John Agard

John Agard’s poem ‘Half-caste’ is a poem that is, in a majority, filled with the speaker responding to being called half-caste.

Listen Mr. Oxford Don

by John Agard

John Agard’s ‘Listen Mr. Oxford Don’ subverts traditional ideas about correct usage of the English language, immigration and cultural heritage.

The Clown’s Wife

by John Agard

‘The Clown’s Wife’ by John Agard explores the theme of duality through a wife speaking about her clown husband and herself.

The Soldiers Came

by John Agard

War is a constant influence on the minds of millions; it is strangely inspiring and detrimentally horrifying. The extreme emotional